SINCE: Fall 2008

HOME BASE: Minneapolis, MN

FOUNDED BY: Shaun White and his brother, Jesse White
If you don't know who "The Flying Tomato Is" you might want to brush up on your pop culture. Basically Shaun White is the guy who wins almost every major snowboard (and now some skate!) contests and the man who gives Sal Masekela a reason to get up in the morning. Look for him going for the gold in Olympic halfpipe this coming winter. Jesse, his older brother, designs the White Collection for Burton and now the Shaun White for Target collections.

WHY WE CO-SIGN: Target kills it with the collabos (Rogan, Loomstate, Matthew Williamson), but more often than not, it goes for the ladies and the guys get a back seat. Not this time. Shaun and Jesse's first line for the brand launched last year and started out as a one-off, but it was received so well that the duo got signed on for multiple seasons as a Target staple. This fall's collection draws inspiration from music and travel. With jeans for $30 and hoodies for $20, you really can't beat it.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Target stores late August.

See below for our interview with Shaun and pics from the Fall 2009 Collection...

As an Olympic gold medalist and role model for young men and boarders, how has this influenced the overall look and feel of Target collection?
Shaun White: It's awesome being able to make clothing with Target. I feel like the fall line came out exactly the way I wanted it to. There's definitely a skate feel throughout the line, but really it's all about whatever inspires my brother and I, which usually includes what we're seeing as we travel and the music I'm into.

Working with your older brother Jesse, how has the collaborative design process evolved?
Shaun White: It's great working with my brother Jesse. We work together on the overall direction for each collection, choosing fabrics, looking at color swatches, and ultimately making sure the fits are good. I see the samples and make final adjustments before they go into production.

How does the approach to the Burton collection differ from the Target collection?
Shaun White: With Target it was more about clothes that I like to wear every day. I've enjoyed working on the men's line because we've been able to create some more styled pieces.

Any anticipated collaborations in the near future?
Shaun White: Right now I'm just really excited about my line at Target.


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