Nike is "selling" T-shirt guns through the Sportswear division for $1500. Awesome. [Nike Sportswear]

Asics has a new ultra-design campaign that involves sending bloggers half of a product and hoping that they will communicate with each other to find the other half. Looks pretty cool. [Design Boom]

German brand Wemoto co-ops American rappers for skate decks. You decide. [High Snobiety]

Skytop keychains. Hahahahahaha. Awesome. [CtotheJL]

New Firmament "Wing" T-shirts. Expensive for a Tee, but worth copping if you have a C-not burning a hole in your leg. [The Glade]

Nike 6.0 is runnin' up on it's big brother SB with the kicks. Glow-in-the-Dark-of-the-day. [Sneaker News]