FOH: Menswear sites that style their models in chancletas. The King of New York DOES NOT WEAR SANDALS.

Good or bad news first? Good news: Online shopping is immediate and fun, and it's gonna be over 70 degrees in NYC on Saturday. Bad news: You have to wait for your purchase to arrive, and the weather's gonna cool off by Sunday. That's the thing: Buy It Now is technically an accurate name for our daily post, but wearing it now is impossible, at least until next week. But you know what? Fuck it. The heat won't really hit until next month and you're gonna need more than one pair of shorts this summer.

Today's featured item is the Wino Shorts from Obey—look closely and you can peep details like the pinstripe pattern and slash pockets. Yeah, it's Shepard Fairey's line, but no need to hate: Obey makes some simple, quality pieces at reasonable prices. (If you're passing through Boston, be sure to check out Fairey's exhibit at the ICA.) For Buy It Now info and a detail pic, see below...
Click Here To Buy It Now At, $70