Yamez AGE: Older than you think | DJ | Pennsylvania
BRANDS: New Era; WeSC; Vintage; Nike
Why do you wear glasses?
I’m blind, homie. I can see the future.
How long have you been wearing glasses?
Since fifth grade.
Would you get Lasik?
Nah, that’s a serious risk if they fuck it up, ya dig!!
What trend should die?
Fake skaters. Don’t fucking match your board to your shirt!
What do you collect?
Trees, hats and sneaks.
What do chicks dig about your style?
That it’s mine.
Most common statement about your style?
“I can’t believe you skated in those shoes.”
Dream job?
To be able to make a living from my music and DJing.
Trend-proof advice?
Do you and don’t worry about what’s cool.

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