Dylan AGE: 21 | RETAIL, NYC
BRANDS: Vintage Shuron; Rugby Raplh Lauren; Vintage
Why do you wear glasses?
I’m nearsighted, and I like the look of my frames.
Favorite glasses brand?
Oliver Peoples.
Would you get Lasik?
No, I could always get contacts if it came down to it. Also, I think I’d be too nervous to get laser eye surgery.
Who inspires your style?
Paul Greenfield Dally.
Last clothing item you purchased?
White Kirkland socks from Costco—in bulk of course.
Most money spent on clothing?
$6,000 on suspenders worn by Mark Twain.
What’s the next big trend?
Plastic visors.
Dream job?
Bartender at the Oasis Nightclub Lounge in Ulaanbaatar.
Trend-proof advice?

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