Burton x Valentine's Day snowboards. Love is in the air? Well, sex, anyway. [Freshness]

Buy Parra's book, please. Because he is awesome, and if you do that he'll keep making things. [Turntable Lab]

Spring lines are dropping like crazy, check out Ricardo Campa from HQTR's new Santa Muerte collecion. [Santa Muerte]

The new 12ozPROPHET site just launched, and even the ads are cool. Big ups to Allen and all the cool guy graf artists who call that place home. [12ozPROPHET]

Some crazy-assed fold up Nikes for your travel bag. [Today and Tomorrow]

Here's some shots of the Nike 10AC collection. We're not sure, but it seems to be designed for hugging? [Slam x Hype]

Check out these Coney Island art skateboards by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti. [AZS blog]