Antonio Brown’s past four years have been tumultuous and dramatic, to say the least. As soon as you think AB has moved beyond it, another crazy story about the troubled wide receiver pops up on your Twitter feed.

The latest installment: Brown’s meltdown during the Bucs’ come-from-behind win against the Jets Sunday.

In the third quarter, the Bucs were surprisingly trailing the lowly Jets 24-10 when a visibly upset Brown launched into a tantrum on the sidelines. He removed his shoulder pads, threw his jersey, shirt, and gloves into the stands, and walked off the field.

Talk about drama.

Given the look-at-me antics, it wasn’t too surprising when, following the game, Tampa coach Bruce Arians declared Brown was “no longer a Buc.” Bye bye, Antonio.

With Brown apparently a free agent once again, let’s track his fall from grace—it’s been a long fall, indeed, since his glory years with the Steelers.