Shaquille O’Neal has responded to the artist formerly known as Kanye West after he publicly called out his apparent dealings with businessman Jamie Salter.

In his latest string of tweets upon his return to the now Elon Musk-owned Twitter, Ye directed his ire at multiple businessmen he has issues with and defended Kyrie Irving’s anti-Semitism. He shared a screenshot of an article that showed Shaq had criticized Irving for his offensive comments, and accused the basketball legend of “bullying” the Brooklyn Nets point guard. 

Then he directed a comment at Shaq himself. “Shaq is in business with Jamie Salter,” he wrote. “Jaimie [sic] first said he’s 50/50 with David Beckham and 50/50 with Shaq. I said ‘Jamie . . . There’s no such thing as 50/50 in business . . . Who has the extra 1 percent for the control and voting rights.” It’s worth pointing out that Salter is Jewish, and Ye has faced much criticism for his anti-Semitic comments.

In his response to Ye, Shaq offered him some advice while taking a shot at him. “Believe me you don’t know me like that,” wrote Shaq. “Worry about your business, and to quote the once great Kanye West ‘I got more money than you, so why would I listen to you’ take my advice get your family business in order. Have a great day brother.”

Shaq responds to a tweet from Kanye West
Image via Twitter

Ye has yet to respond to Shaq’s comments, but he’s also been targeting a number of other people for not putting up with Irving’s recent behavior. He shared another article headline, which saw Amar’e Stoudemire criticize Irving. “They make us attack each other,” wrote Ye. “Even our brothers who know who we truly are.”

On Friday, Ye also addressed a lyric from Drake on his collaborative album with 21 Savage, Her Loss. The line suggested that Drizzy only agreed to meet with Ye, with whom he was beefing at the time, because of his ties with Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince. 

“Enough already I done gave this man his flowers multiple times,” Ye wrote. “Let’s really see who are real ops are in this music game. Imagine all the rappers on the same side and everyone cleaning up each others contracts. It’s kingdom time. Love Drake.”