Saweetie hosted the first-ever “Saweetie Bowl” last week as part of her new partnership with Xbox.

The “Tap In” rapper provided commentary and was joined by professional gamer and Madden Bowl 2020 champion XSET JOKE as they watched New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and Snoop Dogg square off in Madden NFL 21 for Xbox. 

Held in Snoop’s gaming compound in Inglewood, the winner would walk away with bragging rights, and a custom, diamond encrusted Saweetie Bowl chain. “We are kicking off this year’s big game the ICY way with an exciting Madden gaming competition together with Xbox and a few of my friends,” Saweetie said. “Football is big in my family and this year’s festivities brings all of us together in support of a good cause.”

In the end, Edelman came away victorious, but the real winner was the Snoop Youth Football League, which ended up receiving $10,000 through donations. Check out how it all went down below.