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Last year’s NFL season was super weird. With players opting out of competition and testing positive for COVID-19 (or being contact-traced), and with game schedules fluctuating, fantasy managers were dealt a difficult hand. That’s what you should be telling yourself to make you feel better about your underwhelming finish in 2020.

But it’s a new year, and it’s time to turn the page. Erase 2020 from your memory. So you drafted Saquon Barkley over Christian McCaffrey – that’s ancient history. Yeah, you took a shot at that guy in your league who selected Josh Allen – forget about it.

New fantasy season, new you. You aren’t leaving this thing up to luck. You’re willing your title into existence. That’s why you, my friend, are here for some top-rate fantasy advice. As you know, if you want to win your league, you don’t merely need to nail your top picks. You also need to identify a sleeper or two – someone who will slide way too far in the draft, soon making managers say, “I can’t believe I passed on that guy!”

Below, check out our top fantasy sleepers of 2021.