They’re going to keep making Jurassic Park movies. You have to get a Cameo in one of them.
No they better not. I’m not going to get a Cameo on this one, which is a shame. But I don’t want to another one. I was good with the first one….

They’re already talking about a Fast and The Furious and Jurassic Park crossover.
I will show up to the Universal Studios headquarters with some boxing gloves. I’ll tell the executive producer to come outside, because there’s no way they’re going to ruin my franchise like that. Fast and Furious is on movie nine or 10 or whatever it is. Jurassic Park is the first series, the first three were pretty damn good. The first movie was historic. Jurassic World was good, the second movie was pretty good, but I don’t need any more. Just wrap it up and we can move on.

Anything else you’d think you’d act in? Would you do a Marvel movie?
Yeah. It just depends on how it is.nThere are some movies that they’ve done where I needed it to be more serious, and they made it a little bit more comical. And there’s some movies that are comical. I’m great with it. It depends. It got to be committed to the theme they’re going for. Guardians of the Galaxy, I would have loved to be a part of that. That was great.

Logan is not a part of the MCU but I’d love to be a part of that one, since it was so faithful to the theme of the comic book. It’s just giving the accuracy and the feel of the comic down. If it’s accurate to what the source material is, I’d want to be a part of it just because I’m a fan of that kind of art.

Let’s talk about the Browns a bit. What’s it going to be like to have Clowney on the other side of you on that line?
Man, we got Big Bill, we got Malik, we got Clowney, we got me. I’ve been saying this all the preseason, you can’t double team everybody. They got to pick their poison and someone’s going to go off. I have confidence in my guys. If we can stay healthy, God willing. It could be very scary. And those guys are going to be pushing the pocket in the middle of the line waiting for quarterback to step up away from us, right into the arms of one of those big guys. So that’s the way it is, to stop the run, we’ll be set.

As a Browns fan, I have to ask about this. What did you think of JOK in he first pre-season game?
JOK was going off. I love what I saw from JOK. His first few plays were tackles for loss and a sack. Man, it was beautiful to watch. I think the first interaction we had, other than a “Hey what’s up? How you doing?” It was on the field and I went up to him and I was looking at him up and down, like “Man, you’re pretty small for a linebacker. Are you sure they won’t try to beef you up in the weight room?” He looked at me in the eye, he was like, “But ask them if they can block me though.” 

“You don’t have to be big at all if they can’t block you.” I was like “Hey, I got to be this big so they don’t block me. But if you could do with this size, you got it.”

How are you and Baker going into this season as the leaders of the team? With setting the tone and all of that?
It’s more just like an everyday motivating guys that we have to prepare, like “This week is Kansas City. Just be here before we even know it.” So whether you’re going to be on this team in a couple of weeks, or you’re not, you got to make sure that you got the offense and defensive playbook down and you’re in the best shape of your life because it’s a long season, that just got a little bit longer.

Talk to me about this Ladder partnership and how it all came together. Seems like a really good situation for you. 
It is. I knew they would take care of me. They came to me and they showed me the catalog and what they had. I never been supplement focused and too attentive to my nutritional values, but the last couple of years I’ve been trying to do better and be better and try to focus on eating my colors and taking care of the things that are going in and out of my body. 

What’s it mean for you personally when a brand aligns themselves with you like this? Has to feel good?
It’s a big thing knowing that they’re going to have all my nutritional needs all in one stop shop and everything that I need is just arm length away to set the house, to call away and I’ll be able to be ready on game day. And, after the game, they’re going to have me covered, as well. It’s just a perfect setup.