With injuries to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and the team’s unexpected jockeying for position in the standings, Lakers fans have a lot to talk about lately. But if you’ve explored Lakers Twitter in recent days, you likely noticed that the focus isn’t on James’ ankle sprain, AD’s calf, or Kyle Kuzma’s latest dye job. Instead, all anyone could talk about on Monday night and into Tuesday morning was a woman named Vivian Flores. In fact, the story is so odd and puzzling that its managed to pierce the world of the purple and gold, sending shockwaves all throughout NBA Twitter,

So who is she Vivian Flores, you ask? Well that’s where the story begins. So first, allow us to introduce you to the popular Lakers podcaster, before trying our best to explain what happened next. Bear with us, because not even the likes of Kevin Durant or O’Shea Jackson Jr. were able to properly make sense of this winding tale of a missing person, catfishing allegations, and the ongoing fallout that has gripped NBA Twitter.