As basketball purists would say, Kendrick Perkins was one of the game’s last true big men. Not only would he stay in the post and do the dirty work that was needed to win, but he also wasn’t afraid to mix it up with opposing players to either gain momentum or keep the energy on his team’s side. Although he’s no stranger to on-court scuffles, his seemingly out-of-nowhere beef with the Migos’ Quavo caught some people by surprise.

It all came to a head on Thursday, when the two playfully squared off on First Take. And while it may seem like their feud bubbled up out of the blue, Quavo and Perkins actually go way back. Aside from being wealthy Black men from the South, there are few reasons why Huncho and Big Perk would be in the same conversation. In fact, we’re willing to bet that you’d probably find Bun B’s “Get Throwed” or Big Mike’s “Havin’ Thangs” on one of Perkins’s personal playlists before “Cocoon.”

But, what if we told you that Quavo was actually caught in the crossfire of an issue that had nothing to do with him initially. In reality, he purposefully interjected himself into one that was sparked in part by one of the biggest stars the world has ever seen.