The latest chapter in the ongoing feud between former NBA players Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown unfolded on Wednesday, with Arenas ripping Brown after he criticized LeBron James for checking the stat sheet during a recent Lakers’ loss.

“When I saw brother LeBron watching the stat sheet, that told me all I needed to know on why the Lakers are losing,” Brown said in a video on Monday. “That told me all I needed to know why that team is not connected on defense.”

Kwame added, “Kobe would’ve never done that.”

Two days after Kwame made his remarks on Instagram, Arenas took to the same platform to roast Brown in a lengthy post.

“Ur right #kobe would have NEVER looked at the stat sheet becuz he KNEW yo ass had 0,” Arenas wrote. “The whole arena knew u had a @krispykreme (donut) extra glaze with the hot light on clown. You were a professional exerciser, a big buff BUST out there doing cardio.”

Arenas’ latest remarks arrive just a few weeks after he threatened to expose Brown by leaking an unflattering 54-minute video of the former No. 1 that he claims to have in his possession. 

“I have 54 minutes of who u were as a wizard nothing but truth supported by facts and articles so let’s not do this anymore OKAY?” Arenas wrote at the time. “Bra you were booed by EVERY CITY u played for, how are u gonna win an internet battle with me Them fans nicknamed u ‘boo boo brown’ becuz u played like some shit and u want SMOKE with me? not 1 minute of this video is about u off the court just yo hoe as tendencies on the court.”

Check out Arenas’ previous rant below.