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Charles Barkley had harsh words for anyone who has chosen to remain unvaccinated in wake of the resurging pandemic. “Yes, I’m vaccinated,” Barkley said, per CNBC. “Everybody should be vaccinated. Period.”

“The only people who are not vaccinated are just assholes,” he added. 

His remarks come at a time where the United States is bracing for a fourth wave of Covid-19 amid the rise of the highly contagious Delta variant, which is reportedly more than 200 percent more transmissible than the original virus, and capable of eluding the antibodies created by the body following a previous infection.

Early studies have shown that, in the U.S., the unvaccinated currently represent over 97 percent of people hospitalized, and 99.5 percent of Covid-related deaths. “We know that the delta variant … is currently surging in pockets of the country with low vaccination rates,” CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, per NPR. “We also know that our authorized vaccines prevent severe disease, hospitalization and death from the delta variant.” 

According to Yale Medicine, the Pfizer vaccine has shown an efficacy of more than 95 percent against severe disease or death from the Alpha variant. While the Moderna shot requires more studies to determine its effectiveness, experts believe findings will reveal that it works similarly to Pfizer since both of them are mRNA vaccines.