Not many Bishop players, both past and present, have spoken out about their experiences at the school. 

Perhaps the most prominent example of someone willing to spill the tea is Aaron Boyd, who claims to be the first player ever recruited by Bishop Sycamore. In a recent interview with Complex, Boyd said he and other football hopefuls were enticed to play at Bishop by promises that included appearing in a Netflix documentary. When he ultimately relocated to Ohio, there wasn’t even a campus for the school.

“This is the crazy shit, this what you wanna hear. I first moved out there, we were staying in a hotel in Delaware [Ohio]. We were staying there for like five months,” Boyd explained. “Didn’t have no housing. All the players came to find out, we never paid the hotel. [The school was] writing them bounced checks. The head coach of Bishop Sycamore wasn’t the head coach. He was like an athletic director. He was the n*gga that was behind all of it. He was writing bounced checks for everything. For everything. We never paid for anything.”

He confirmed reports that head coach Roy Johnson has an arrest warrant to his name. “I didn’t know what the warrant was for but if it’s for writing bounced checks that’s accurate,” he said, suggesting that Johnson could be wanted on fraud charges. Also, when Boyd left the school due to the poor experience he had, he needed to redo his whole junior year so that he could play football in his senior year.

As for the academic experience, Boyd said there essentially was none. “We didn’t go to school. We never went to school. I can’t lie, they tried once. They took us to a community library. One day. It was already October—the season was about to be over,” he said. It was like at this point, ‘Well, shit, I’m not going to school. Y’all haven’t put me through school this whole time.’”

Two other players, who wish to remain anonymous, said that Johnson promised them schooling at Franklin University, and access to the practice facilities at Ohio State. Instead, there was no schooling and they practiced “right outside the apartment complex, and there were other Ohio State Students living there.” 

Among other disturbing details, Johnson apparently told his players to jump a homeless man who attempted to break into his car. " I got hurt early in the season and I ended up playing hurt the majority of the season because we didn’t have any athletic trainers," one of the players said. "And the eating thing there was crazy. We probably ate one hot-dog every two days."