A "MCLUVN" McLaren Rides in New York City

No I.D. required.

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Oh, the McLaren MP4-12C. We've been drivin' it for years. We heard they recently they decided to add more HPs to it. 

The movie that took over the world back in 2007 (yeah, it was that long ago) had plenty of quotables, and plenty of moments that were extremely relatable to real life, but one of the biggest story lines of the movie resonated with everybody: The struggle to get booze when you're underage, and the tempting option of getting a fake I.D.

In the movie, Fogell was the lucky (but extremely street stupid) kid designated to get the alcohol, using the Hawaii fake I.D. he had just purchased. Of course, the joke was that the name was just "McLovin." Not George McLovin. Not Steve McLovin. Just ... McLovin. It had a rainbow and everything. 

And although I'm now 24 and haven't thought about figuring out a way to get drunk illegally for a long time now, I was happily reminded last night when I came across this McLaren MP4-12C down in Chelsea. The MP4 is one of my favorite cars on the planet (easily the most fun car I've driven), so any time I see one, I make sure to give it the full up-and-down, side-to-side. Taking a photo from the front, I was happily greeted with a gigantic grin, and the vanity plate that said "MCLUVN." 

First thoughts: Why the hell is this just sitting on the street? And let's hope that somebody who can't legally sit down at a bar and have a drink isn't driving this. If he or she is, then we've clearly been doing something wrong in life. Either way, this is one of the best combos ever. The McLuvn McLaren. It just rolls of the tongue. 

The legend lives on. 

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