Maria Sharapova Is Porsche's First Global Ambassador, Because Maria Sharapova

The large majority of buyers are men.

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First of all, is it shocking to anybody else that Maria Sharapova just turned 26 years old this past Friday? Maybe it's just us, but it feels like she's been in the game for forever. Regardless, she announced via her Facebook page today that she has partnered with Porsche to become the company's first global ambassador. 

"This is a really special day for me," Sharapova said in a presentation. "I have had the privilege to be associated with some of the best brands in the world, but now to be partners with Porsche, is such an amazing honor."

The contract, which was penned for three years, might seem kind of random, but it makes sense. The Russian tennis star actually already owns a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, a prize for winning the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, Germany last year. Additionally, according to Edmunds (via ESPN), close to 90 percent of Porsche 911 buyers are male. Considering she's been named one of the most beautiful people in the world, we're guessing those males will enjoy this signing. 

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