American Flying Car Makes Successful First Flight

It's a plane, it's a car, it's both!

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Who cares about electric cars? Cars that double as planes are the future! Terrafugia Inc. has created the Transition, a vehicle with folding wings that is both street legal and can take to the air. The  Mass.-based company announced that it successfully made its first flight this week, inching closer to selling the vehicle to the public. Making its official debut at this week's New York Auto Show, the Transition will be a rare commodity saved for the wealthy, starting at $279,000 and still requiring the proper pilot licensing. The plane-car is equipped with a 23-gallon gas tank, uses 5 gallons per hour in the air, and gets 35 miles per gallon in the streets. If you want one, get your $10,000 deposit in now. We're sure they'll go quickly. 

[via CBS]

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