DeMarcus Cousins Takes Frustration Out on Trash Can After Terrible Call

DeMarcus Cousins takes his frustration out on a trash can after a terrible call costs the Kings a win.

Demarcus Cousins
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Demarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins has had a rough go of it this season with the Sacramento Kings as they look to stumble to the lottery again. It feels like after almost every game, Boogie is not happy with the refereeing. But this time, it looks like the former Wildcat may have a real case for his team getting the short end of the stick in their 102-99 loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Cousins threw up 42 points and 14 rebounds, while no other King reached double digits in either category. That crazy production would have most players ecstatic, but a sketchy call down the stretch really set the center off. With 14 seconds to go, Dwyane Wade had a steal, missed a dunk and tossed a pass to Ty Lawson before everyone on the court realized a foul had been called.

Boogie was absolutely salty after he discovered that the foul on Wade was being charged to him even though it was a terrible call. Wade split the pair and stripped the Kings’ star on the next possession to seal the game. After that terrible ending, the center decided to take his frustrations out on a trash can—as opposed to his recent incident with some chairs.

Sarcasm was not in short supply after the game as Cousins spoke to the media in the locker room. He said of the referees: “[They] made the absolute right call,” and even gave them a round of applause for their hard work. The Kings are still looking real shaky, and it seems more and more likely the team will end up with a lottery pick.

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