Some Crazy/Wealthy/Cool Russians Built This Juke R Gymkhana Car

This sort of craziness is what the Juke R was made for.

Image via SV Engineering

For those of you who aren't in the know, gymkhana is a form of motorsport in which drivers not only have to complete a course in a certain amount of time, but they also have to do it in a specific way. Certains parts of said course might require a 360° or a bootleg turn or a figure eight drift, making it not only difficult to master, but a lot of fun to watch. 

Power and AWD are very, very useful when competing, and the lovable and insane Nissan Juke R certainly has both of these things, so a Russian race team really wanted one. However, only 20 were made and they each cost $600,000. Of course, intellectual property law in Russia is only about as effective as Gandhi would have been in an MMA heavyweight match, so they just made their own and didn't bother to change the name. It doesn't sound like it was easy to do either:

"The most difficult part of the build? Probably everything related to the geometry. This barn on wheels with aerodynamics of a brick and power output of a Chernobyl reactor explosion has to be as safe as possible in every sense of the word. This means being stable on the straights with speeds reaching 300 km/h and on the race track experiencing lateral G's. Finally, the whole construction must be protective enough against the impacts, even after all the modifications.

Moreover, the cooling design was another issue as the Juke body does not offer enough size to place the cooling components, let alone supply them with enough air."

Customers can go to and either buy a complete car, or submit a Nissan GT-R for Jukeification. It can be had in 550 hp, 680 hp, 880 hp, or 1000+ hp. This is amazing, and we need a few.

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[via Jalopnik

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