Germany's Fatal Accident Rate is Less Than Half of Ours Despite Driving at 155 MPH

Looks like we might be doing something wrong.

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In Germany in 2012, there were 44 traffic related deaths per one million inhabitants, people could drive over 200 mph on public roads, there were tons of bikers, and there was lots of additional traffic from other countries passing through because of Germany's central location in Europe. Those all sounds like factors that would increase accidents and fatalities, but ze Germans are clearly doing something right, because in the USA we had 104 deaths per million

Car & Driver's German correspondent, Jens Meiners, claims that this is due to more rigorous driver training, scheduled vehicle checks ever two years, and the autobahn, where you can drive as fast as you want, but will be punished for not giving other vehicles space. He claims that the space and the fact that nobody is ballsy enough to try to text and eat a hamburger at 120 mph. 

Perhaps Clarkson was on to more than just caustic wit when he said "Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary: that's what gets you."

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