Saints' Alvin Kamara Rocks 'Make Africa Home Again' Hat and Kaepernick Jersey

Not many saw Saints running back Alvin Kamara rocking a politicized hat and a Colin Kaepernick jersey after New Orleans won on Monday night.

Alvin Kamara

Image via Getty/Al Pereira

Alvin Kamara

Lost amid Drew Brees becoming the NFL's leader in total passing yards during the Saints' 43-19 shellacking of Washington on Monday Night Football, was running back Alvin Kamara's sartorial choice after the game ended. A Times-Picayune reporter thankfully noticed the "Make Africa Home Again" message on Kamara's snapback, and the Colin Kaepernick jersey he was wearing:

But Kamara wasn't asked about his hat—a lampoon of the conservative #MAGA maxim—or jersey in his post-game interview alongside running back Mark Ingram. The narrative NFL reporters were most interested in publishing was the one venerating Brees after he eclipsed Brett Favre for the most passing yards in NFL history, not a relatively unknown running back showing support for Colin Kaepernick while getting in a dig at the President.

This isn't the first time Kamara has drawn attention for what he's wearing; although, it's the first time what he was wearing—especially after a nationally-televised game on Monday Night Football—was so divisive in society today. Last December, he was fined for playing in Christmas-themed Adidas cleats.

So far, there's been no comment about the outfit from the league, primarily because no one even asked Kamara about it. But that might change because we can't ever underestimate the NFL's buffoonery when it comes to reading which way the media winds are blowing, or Kaepernick's continued, conspicuous absence from an NFL roster.

Alvin's show of solidarity comes on the heels of Eric Reid's new gig with the Carolina Panthers, and his continued passive resistance before games to bring attention to the systematic prejudice in the American justice system.

Kaep isn't on an NFL sideline, but what he stands for is.

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