YouTuber Pulls Out Uno Reverse Card During Charity Soccer Game

The Uno card was in response to the referee giving him a yellow card.

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YouTuber Max Fosh had a viral moment on Saturday when he pulled at a reverse Uno card during the Sidemen FC charity soccer game. 

In footage from the game during the 78th minute, Premier League and FIFA referee Mark Clattenburg gave Fosh, who played for the YouTube All-Stars, a yellow card, and Fosh responded by taking out a green reverse Uno card.

Players on both sides and fans in London Stadium cheered at the hilarious moment as Fosh waved his finger at Clattenburg. The Sidemen FC beat the YouTube All-Stars 8-5. 

Another hilarious part of the game came from Kai Cenat, who was way beyond offsides when he scored a goal. As the ref called off the play, Cenat couldn’t believe the goal didn’t count

The charity game was in honor of mental health, cancer, and children’s initiatives in Great Britain and brought in over 60,000 fans.

In other Uno news, the heist film produced by Lil Yachty is moving in a different direction, according to Alex Barasch of the New Yorker. Barasch stated Marcy Kelly—described as "Mattel’s de-facto screenwriter and punch-up artist"—set her first Uno draft "in Atlanta's hip-hop scene."

However, the Uno "script [Kelly] emerged with wasn’t quite what Mattel had had in mind." After her "'fuck'-heavy" draft was flagged by an executive, Kelly returned with a revised version featuring "one, well-placed, PG-13 'fuck.'"

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