Stephen A. Smith Explains Why He Hasn’t Spoken on the Josh Giddey Underage Relationship Allegations

The 'First Take' host said Giddey can sue someone for speaking on the allegations without knowing the facts.

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Stephen A. Smith has revealed why he hasn't said a word regarding Josh Giddey and the alleged relationship he was in with an underage girl.

During a segment of The Stephen A. Smith Show, the legendary sports journalist chimed in on his lack of coverage of the Oklahoma City Thunder guard. According to Smith, not all of the details in Giddey's situation are known, such as how old the woman really is, and he could be sued for speaking on the situation when he doesn't know all the facts.  

"He's 21, we don't know how old she is," Smith said. "We don't know anything, we know there's an investigation going on. That's all we know. We don't know anything else. You know why Stephen A. hasn't said anything? Because you could get sued, idiots! You don't just go out there running your damn mouth over something this serious."

He continued, "Some fight that took place on the basketball court, sure. Allegations where the alleged victim is identified, sure. Where the specification of the crime is illuminated, sure. But this clamoring to comment about something with no information, no definitive facts—you can't do it. You can do it on social media with your troll-ass selves. You can do it then because you don't have any real accountability."

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Smith then went on to tell the trolls to comment on the situation and accuse Giddey on their own social media pages, and make sure to include their name and address since Giddey can probably sue them.

Last week, the NBA launched an investigation into Giddey's alleged relationship with an underage girl. The 21-year-old was seen in viral pictures where he appeared to be hanging out with a high school girl. Along with a photo of Giddey, the post read, "Just fucked Josh Giddey," on the underage girl's Snapchat.  

During the Oklahoma City Thunder's media availability on Nov. 24, Giddey refused to comment on the allegations. "I understand the question, obviously, but there's no further comment right now," Giddey told reporters. "I get the question, guys. I completely understand you guys want to know about it, but just for right now, I don't have anything to say."

Giddey is reportedly at risk of losing a lucrative $40 million sponsorship deal with cereal brand Weet-Bix and its parent company, the Sanitarium Health Food Company.

"We are obviously aware of news surrounding Josh Giddey and are waiting for facts to be confirmed," a spokesperson for the cereal said. "We are in contact with Josh's management team and waiting on further detail at this point." 

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