LeBron James and Ime Udoka Receive Technicals After Exchanging Words on Sidelines

The Rockets and Lakers are scheduled to meet up again on Jan. 29 in Houston.

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LeBron James and Houston Rockets head coach Ime Udoka got into an interesting exchange during a game between their respective teams on Saturday night that led to both men getting technical fouls. 

In the footage shared online, James and Udoka had words for each other that didn't seem too peaceful as the referee listened closely and proceeded to whistle both of them up for a pair of technicals. It was LeBron's first of the game and Udoka's second, which led to him being ejected.

People were on social media clamoring to figure out what LeBron and Udoka were talking about as the video made its rounds. During their respective post-game interviews, both men gave different explanations as to what happened.

King James jokingly told reporters that he and Udoka were speaking about what they had for Thanksgiving dinner. Udoka, on the other hand, said he had a conversation with "the player" and that the referees didn't like what was said. 

Lakers got up 15 on HOU in the 4th quarter and it got chippy. Bron, who Udoka referred to as "the player" got into it with Udoka, who gets ejected for calling Bron "soft ass boy". In postgame, Bron keeps it P with the reporter and Udoka basically says his team got punked by some… pic.twitter.com/Ib20vFpree

— Apex Jones (@ApexJones22) December 3, 2023
Twitter: @ApexJones22

However, another angle of the incident with audio showed what transpired between the two. In the piece of footage, the four-time NBA champion can be heard telling Udoka not to use the word "bitch" as they're all grown men.

"We all grown men," James appeared to say. "That bitch word ain't cool, don't use it so loosely. Don't use that word so loosely. Nah, don't use it so loosely, though. Don't use it so loosely."

Another piece of footage showed Udoka calling Bron a "soft ass boy" and to "stop bitching" before receiving a technical from the referee and getting ejected in the final 8:35 of the fourth quarter. 

This angle of the LeBron-Udoka exchange 👀 (via unitedlife4ever/TT) pic.twitter.com/w0edFgn8Tb

— Overtime (@overtime) December 3, 2023
Twitter: @overtime

The next time the Lakers take on the Rockets will be on Jan. 29 in Houston, Texas. It's still early, but there's a chance the two could meet in the NBA Playoffs, as the Lakers are expected to make it while the Rockets currently hold the last play-in spot for the postseason. 

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