Jordan Poole on Rumored $500,000 Date With Ice Spice: 'Definitely Cap!'

The rumor started thanks to Cam'ron, who claimed Poole was more worried about the The Bronx rapper than his performance in the NBA Playoffs.

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Jordan Poole has finally cleared the air regarding his rumored $500,000 date with Ice Spice.

During a meet and greet with fans last month, the Washington Wizards star guard was approached by a kid who had a few questions to ask him. The kid asked Poole what it was like playing with Steph Curry, which he said was "insane." However, the real question the kid was dying to ask was whether the half-a-million date with the Bronx rap superstar happened or not. 

According to Poole, that rumor couldn't be any further from the truth as he claimed he never went on a date with Spice that cost him $500,000. 

"Definitely not," Poole told the kid. "Definitely cap!"

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The whole rumor started because Cam'rom said Poole had been "stinking it the fuck up" on the court, and according to the rapper, Poole had his mind on Ice Spice and called him a munch. 

"Jordan Poole, you spent $500,000 on an Ice Spice date," he began. "You're a munch and you're playing like a fucking munch. This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the fuck out and get back in the playoffs 'cause you look crazy. 'Cause I had your back last year! You got n****s out here talking 'bout, 'What was all that Jordan Poole you was poppin'?' You fuckin' a munch. Nah, he's a munch, 'cause I had his back."

Fans ran with the rumor since Poole had just signed a four-year, $140 million extension with the Warriors while Ice Spice was emerging as one of the hottest female rappers in the game. However, neither party confirmed or denied the rumor until now. 

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