Minor League Baseball Team Tells LeBron to Come Play a Season So He Can Truly Rival Jordan

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs, put up a billboard telling LeBron he'll never surpass Jordan unless he picks up the bat.

Minor league baseball team Lehigh Valley IronPigs, affiliates of the Philadelphia Phillies, have put up a billboard urging LeBron James to quit the NBA and play some baseball. They tweeted that he’d never surpass Michael Jordan if he didn’t. 

While King James is definitely the one contemporary player that comes up in conversation regarding Jordan's talent, there’s a pivotal component to LeBron’s career keeping him from being on equal footing—a minor league baseball career.

This is some hardcore baiting by the IronPigs, telling LeBron if he “really wants to catch MJ, he needs to spend a season in Minor League Baseball.” LeBron, of course, is hard at work at ensuring his Cleveland Cavaliers victoriously duke it out against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference. While the billboard and ensuing tweets are pretty hilarious, I don’t think we’ll see LeBron James stop playing basketball in favor of striking out anytime soon.

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