Whose Tat is That? Your Christmas Day Tattoo Quiz

How well do you know the tattoos in the NBA? Take this quiz to find out just how strong your tat-game really is.

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It wasn’t until the late ’90s that NBA players started tatting themselves up. Dennis Rodman, perhaps the baddest boy in league history, was really the first to show off his ink, while Allen Iverson helped make it cool and bring it to the mainstream. Of course, the perception of tattoos has changed drastically since that time. While they were once generally seen as trashy, they’re now considered to be stylish and a vehicle for self-expression. In fact, tattoos have become so popular among NBAers in today’s league that it’s almost more surprising when players don’t have them.

The ink game is strong (and often bizarre) in the NBA, but how well do you know your favorite players’ tats? Find out now by taking this quiz, which features players who will take the court on Christmas day. Consider this our gift to you and yours. 



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