Interview: Mason Plumlee on The Great Team USA Shmoney Dance and the Most Savage International Fans (Video)

Plumdog Millionaire takes time to talk about the Shmoney Dance seen 'round the world.

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The USA Basketball team's victory in the FIBA Basketball World Cup may have been considered a sure thing, but that doesn't mean the players on the squad didn't live it up in the wake of their victory. Among those players is Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee, who we caught with at the Harman flagship store in New York City. Plumlee was in to help usher in the NBA's partnership with JBL headphones, which will see the company create cans for each of the league's teams. 

We asked the younger Plumlee brother how it felt to win the FIBA tournament and which international crowds brought the most passion for their nation. And, of course, we had to ask him about doing the "Shmoney Dance" on the podium (you'll never guess whose idea that was).

Check out the video above for our conversation with Mason Plumlee.

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