Giants Safety Landon Collins May Have Just Accidentally Leaked New Drake Music

New Drake on the way?

landon collins giants safety
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landon collins giants safety

Pro athletes getting their hands on new music before you do isn't exactly anything new. Top-notch musicians and athletes often run in the same social circles, because when you reach a certain level of fame, the only people who can truly relate to your struggles are those experiencing the same ones. When you hang out enough, chances are you'll get to hear a few new tracks before they hit the streets.

But generally, you should probably keep those drops to yourself, lest you lose access to them forever. Giants safety Landon Collins may find that out the hard way soon, because if you took a gander at his Instagram story on Saturday afternoon, you could hear what sounds like a new Drake song bumping in the background.

New drake snippet

It doesn't seem like an intentional leak on Collins' part as he's in the middle of trying to show off a new pair of Adidas cleats he'll wear on the gridiron. Drizzy just so happens to be laying the backdrop for the scene. It's also pretty likely Collins is not responsible for the music playing in the first place. If we had to place bets on which New York Giants player got access to new Drake joints ahead of time, they'd go on Odell Beckham Jr., who has been name-dropped in Drake songs and spotted alongside the rapper on numerous occasions.

In that case, Collins is just unknowingly sharing the new tunes with all 318,000+ followers he has on Instagram, which is either free promo for Drake or a really bad screw up, depending on how you look at it. For all we know, the song is just background noise to Collins, who could be unaware that he's hearing some ultra-exclusive music. Hip-hop heads are hitting message boards and Twitter to geek out over it, but Collins is in the middle of prepping for a game tomorrow, and might not be a Drake head to begin with.

It seems unlikely he threw it on there as a flex, because when guys do that, they tend to call attention to what it is they have their hands on. We've seen this in the past with LeBron James, who has previously highlighted his pre-release access to Drake and Kendrick Lamar's music.

Either way, it's not stopping fans of Drake or the Giants from being jealous, and they want to know why they can't be the ones holding onto some new Drake music.

Landon got new cleats and listening to an unreleased Drake song... he getting a game winning pick 6 tomorrow
Bro on Landon Collins IG story they playing a drake song I never heard before 😭

Will other people suffer the consequences for Collins' apparent slip-up? It's too early to say what the fallout will be here. Here's hoping the next guy to get his hands on some new material is smart enough to play it without broadcasting it to hundreds of thousands of people on social media.

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