Draymond Green Defends Kyrie Irving, Might Also Be a Flat Earth Truther

Draymond Green defended Kyrie Irving's flat Earth truthing at Saturday's All-Star practice.

Uh oh: Draymond is a Flat Earth/Kyrie Truther. pic.twitter.com/icJThyG7hx

— The Crossover (@TheCrossover) February 18, 2017

Much to the NBA's chagrin, the biggest story at this year's All-Star Weekend so far has been Kyrie Irving peddling flat Earth theory. Despite all evidence to the contrary, one of the NBA's biggest stars believes the Earth is flat and went so far as to question the existence of dinosaurs at this morning's All-Star practice

Without any serious basketball topics to talk about during the midseason event, reporters decided to approach NBA stars to get their opinion on Irving's belief. When questioned on the matter, Warriors forward Draymond Green did not exactly distance himself from the theory.

"I don't know. I haven't done enough research. It may be flat," said Green.

After a reporter pressed him and cited reasons to dispute the theory—pictures from NASA, as one example—Green dug in a little harder to stand up for Irving, whose theory a reporter called "crazy":

I wouldn't necessarily say crazy though, it's just his opinion. It's hard to call someone's opinion crazy, that's what he thinks. Who's to say that picture is telling the truth? I can make a round picture with my iPhone today, on the panoramic camera, and make it look round. So, I don't know. I'm not saying I think it's flat or round, I don't know, but it could be.

Green's remarks seem fairly lighthearted—he swingman flashed a wide smile throughout the exchange—and there's a distinct possibility he's trolling. The rivalry with Irving's Cavs gives him incentive to play up a ridiculous story about an opponent.

Counterpoint: An old tweet of his from 2010 reveals he might not be trolling after all.

@MizSuzie the world is flat fool

— Draymond Green (@Money23Green) March 1, 2010

Twitter made sure to let Green know (if he is serious, anyway) how silly he sounded:

@HeadphoneJones_ @MizSuzie pic.twitter.com/b6WmizT2Ov

— DQ (@DQ_Doo1) February 18, 2017

There have been plenty of jokes in the last day about the value of Irving's Duke education shining through, but "the Earth is round" is not something most people tend to learn about in college. If you tried to spout this nonsense on Are You Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?, you'd most likely get eliminated before taking home a single cent.

It seems impossible for guys who fly all around the world and manipulate gravity for a living to believe the Earth is flat. Let's just hope this is an elaborate hoax from a bunch of bored athletes trying to pull a fast one on the people who cover them every day. 

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