DJ Khaled Tries to Impress Audience With Basketball Skills at Antonio Brown Celebrity Game

DJ Khaled was in attendance at an Antonio Brown event in Houston, and he tried to show off his basketball skills for the crowd.

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Every baller wants to be a rapper, and every rapper wants to be a ballplayer. The grass is always greener on the other side, and envy of their celebrity friends led guys like Damian Lillard, Shaquille O'Neal, and dozens of other athletes to pick up the mic. Some attempts have been more successful than others—David Stern famously said Allen Iverson did a disservice to the league with his album!

At a celebrity basketball game organized by Steelers wideout Antonio Brown, DJ Khaled was on the other side of that cultural phenomenon. The Miami-based DJ/producer thought he'd try to show off his basketball skills to the Houston crowd when an errant pass came toward him. As you can see up top, courtesy of Ball Is Life, Khaled didn't exactly shoot the lights out.

We don't have to pretend Khaled brought his A-game last night, but there's no need to put him on blast for a 1-4 shooting performance. He sprung out of his seat wearing jeans and (probably) not expecting to jump into the thick of things. Everybody needs a few shots to get going, and for his sake, thankfully Khaled ended the cold streak before pressure really started to build.

Khaled isn't the first (or last) celebrity hoping to impress a pro athlete with their jumper. Drake thirsted after Kevin Durant's affection on Instagram, and gained infamy for a blatant airball he launched at Kentucky's Big Blue Madness a few years back:

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Even our recently-departed President Barack Obama, a known hoops junkie with plenty of cred in his name, has had some high-profile struggles from the field. At the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll event, Obama shot 2-22 from the field, according to the White House pool report, leading to headlines with awful puns like, "Alley oops!" Not the Commander-in-Chief's finest moment, but shooters keep shooting.

Basketball is a cruel and unforgiving game, and even the best players have nights where they can't find the range. Khaled may not have balled out like he would have hoped, but tomorrow is a new day. Keep on firing, Khaled. 

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