Watch Cowboys Player Terrance Williams Have a Hard Time Getting by Cowboys Security

Cowboys security tried blocking Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams from getting to his car because they didn't know he was on the team.

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If you saw Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams walking down the street, would you be able to spot him? Probably not. Unfortunately, AT&T Stadium security wouldn't be able to either, as they proved when they stopped Williams from getting to his car in the team parking lot following the Cowboys' 29-23 overtime win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. 

A clearly livid Williams told the security, "I'm a player, don't you ever touch me," as he and his crew made their way past the guards. As this incident was going down, Cowboys fans can be heard encouraging the four-year NFL wideout with chants of "Tell 'em, T-Will!" While the situation could be chalked up as just a misunderstanding, the guards were still given a hard time by the Dallas crowd for their mistake. Even as he drove off, T-Will angrily told them one more time to never touch him again. 

Williams isn't the first athlete to go through something like this—just ask Jeremy Lin. But did T-Will have to flip out the way he did? Was he embarrassed that he went through this ordeal with his crew and Cowboys fans around? Clearly, the crowd was vouching for him, even if those people were probably the only group of football fans who could've spotted him in a crowd.

But next time Williams lashes out at the security guards for trying to do their job, maybe they should tell him that if he averaged more than a pitiful 48 receiving yards per game this season, they would actually know who he is. 

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