Steve Nash Was Inducted Into the Suns' Ring of Honor Last Night

Congrats, Steve!

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On Friday, Steve Nash was inducted into the Phoenix Suns' Ring of Honor. Nash joins Alvin Adams, Charles Barkley, Tom Chambers, Water Davis, Connie Hawkins, Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Dick Van Arsdale and Paul Westphal to be honored by the organization.  

From 2004 to 2012, Nash played for the Suns where he was selected to six All-Star Games and was awarded with back-to-back MVP trophies. During his speech, Nash discussed the fans ("The biggest thing I want to say is that you guys are the best. The fans you supported me, loved me, we went through bad times together, great times together"), his sometimes tumultuous relationship with the team's training staff ("I wanted to punch their lights out every five seconds but at the same time wanted to hug them the next minute"), and more.

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