Here's Exactly What Richard Sherman Said to Michael Crabtree During Sunday's NFC Championship Game

Courtesy of "Inside the NFL."

Image via USA TODAY Sports
Everyone has seen it by now. We'll just refer to it as the Richard Sherman postgame interview. And while Sherman said that their beef stems from something Michael Crabtree said to him during the offseason, people still want to know what the Seahawks cornerback told Crabtree following the tipped pass that landed in the hands of Malcolm Smith and subsequently ended the game. Now, we have the answer.
Just a short while ago, Showtime aired their latest episode of Inside the NFL and what do you know, Sherman and Crabtree were both mic'd up during the NFC Championship Game. Prior to the 49ers' final drive, Sherman told his teammates on the sidelines, "They're about to try me and I'm going to capitalize." Then, after the interception, here's what Sherman told Crabtree: 
And that's it. That's it! As he continued towards the 'Hawks sidelines, Sherman started screaming towards the Niners, "Don't try me! I'm the best!" So, clearly, there's more to this story that we don't know. Maybe one day we will find out. 

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