Ric Flair Remembers the Time Rick Rude Beat Up Ultimate Warrior in the WWE Locker Room

One of the many stories Ric Flair could probably tell.

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Back in September, Ric Flair took a trip down memory lane with Eric Bischoff on the WOOOOO! Nation! podcast. When the topic switched over to Hulk Hogan's refusal to get into the ring with Rick Rude, Flair revealed an incident where Rude "beat up Warrior pretty good."

According to Flair, their conflict arose backstage when the Ultimate Warrior made a sly remark about Rick Rude's wrestling ability during a show in Savannah, Ga. Spoiler alert, the comment didn't go over well because Rude snapped and made Warrior eat his words. Literally. Quite possibly. Obviously, we can't do the story justice, so go ahead and hit the play button on the above video. 

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