Ric Flair Judges Drake, Kim Kardashian, and Other Celebrities That Dress Like Ric Flair

Ric Flair breaks down the Nature Boy style of Kim Kardashian, Drake, and more.


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During the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, a meme comparing Kim Kardashian's red carpet look to Ric Flair's '80s era wrestling garb bounced about the Inter the way Nature Boy used to rebound off the ropes. However, the Kim K. v. Nature Boy comparison shouldn't be dismissed as a one-off  Twitter joke. Flair is an icon and icons never die, which is probably why today's purported "style leaders" appear to be—at best—influenced by Flair and—at worst—are a bunch of pretenders who are just straight up biting the Nature Boy's look.

We wanted to ask the legend himself, so we caught up with the limousine-ridin', jet-flying, kiss-stealing, son of a gun at the Delta Passport to Madison Square Garden, an event to celebrate Delta's long-standing partnership with Madison Square Garden. Check it out.

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