Nick Diaz Argues With Agent Over Drug Test, Invites Her to Smoke Weed With Him

Nick Diaz argues with USADA agent over drug test and invites her to smoke weed in Snapchat videos.

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Given his long-standing history with drug use, Nick Diaz had to know that it was only a matter of time before he needed to take a drug test. Still, when the time came, the older Diaz brother made aUSADA agent's job a living hell and recorded the entire thing on Snapchat.  

Diaz is seen in the video above arguing with the agent over when to administer the test. At first, the 33-year-old fighter is demanding that she return in "five or six hours" because he had "fucking been out all night" and wanted to get some sleep. After the agent threatens him with a two-year suspension if he doesn't take the test, Diaz has to audacity to ask her to come tomorrow. Diaz eventually gets in front of the camera and claims that he told the agent to come to his room, so they can smoke some weed together. 

Of course, when the agent arrived to his room, he recorded it on Snapchat. 

In Part 3, Nick Diaz gets drug tested by USADA (via Nick's Snapchat)

— Michael Hutchinson (@TheMikeyHutch) August 15, 2016

Back in September 2015, Diaz was given a five-year suspension for testing positive for marijuana prior to his fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 183. The suspension was part of a major punishment handed down by the 

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