NFL Investigating Chargers for Using a Banned Sticky Substance

Ironically, they lead the league in fewest drops this season.

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Fox Sports is reporting that the National Football League is investigating whether or not the San Diego Chargers used an illegal substance during last Monday night's game against the Denver Broncos. According to reports, an equipment manager for the Chargers came onto the field with an illegal sticky substance on hand towels. When line judge Jeff Bergman approached the individual and attempted to confiscate the substance, the equipment manager refused to give it up. Eventually, the officials forced him to empty out his pockets and that is when they found a "skin colored or clear type of tape."

Initially, it is believed that the substance could've been Stickum, which has been banned by the NFL since 1981. NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello acknowledged that the league is looking into the matter while on Sunday, the Chargers released a statement that said they are "aware of the inquiry and are cooperating fully with the League." If found guilty, the Chargers could be fined or lose a draft pick.  

[via ESPN]

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