Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $10 Million to Interview Him on His Policies

Will Donald Trump take up Mark Cuban on his $10 million offer to be interviewed on his policies?

mark cuban
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mark cuban

Mark Cuban is on the offensive once again in his ongoing feud with Donald Trump, offering to donate $10 million to the charity of his choosing in exchange for an opportunity to interview the GOP presidential nominee on his policies. Following Trump's interview with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business Network Friday morning where he said Cuban was "not smart enough" to understand his economic plans, the Dallas Mavericks owner extended the following offer on Twitter: 

Cuban went on to lay out some ground rules for their interview, adding that they could be the only two people in the room aside from a television crew, their discussion would focus entirely on Trump's policies, and there won't be any mention of the Clintons. The Mavs owner, in a nod to his frequent and public digs at Trump's claims of being a billionaire, provided The Donald an alternative option—offering to give him the $10 million check so he could pocket the money, instead of giving it to charity.  

Cuban added one final dig, asking Trump, "What do you have to lose?"  

Trump has not responded to the offer, and probably never will. 

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