Bills Running Back/Team Doctor LeSean McCoy Diagnosed Teammate Sammy Watkins With the "Allen Iverson Injury"

Dr. McCoy is in the house!

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Buffalo Bills running back/Chip Kelly pundit/orgyparty organizer LeSean McCoy is adding another title to his name: team doctor. 

While speaking with reporters on Tuesday, McCoy commented on the glute injury of Sammy Watkins, saying he has the "Allen Iverson injury," adding that the Bills are "keeping the Ferrari in the garage." Yesterday, Watkins was spotted on the sidelines, working with full pads, alongside his teammates who are also nursing a variety of injuries.  

So, there you have it, Bills fans and fantasy owners. Even though the team has been careful with their star wide receiver, Dr. McCoy can confirm that Watkins' A.I. injury should not prevent him from suiting up in Week 1.   

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