Kentucky Receives Another NCAA Violation Because of Drake

Thanks to Drake, the Kentucky Wildcats were hit with another NCAA violation.

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Drake giveth, and Drake taketh away. While it's undeniable that having the rapper rep the Kentucky Wildcats is a good look for the program, his presence has also brought its fair share of problems. 

Last year, Kentucky sent Drake a cease and desist letter after a photo emerged of him with recruit Charles Matthews at the school's Big Blue Madness event. According to the program, they informed the rapper that he couldn't take pictures with recruits because it would be deemed "preferential treatment" which is an NCAA violation.

Earlier this year, Drizzy found himself in hot water once again when a photo with Tyler Ulis was posted by the former Wildcats guard on his Instagram page. 

Ulis was academically ineligible and unable to participate in team activities when the picture was taken. However, he was still considered a member of the program. Once again, the school was in trouble for something they have warned Drake about. The school has already reported the violation, and will not receive any punishment. 

While avoiding pictures with recruits and current Kentucky players may not be the answer, both sides need to find a way to prevent this issue from continuously cropping up. Going their separate ways isn't the answer because Drizzy's heart will always bleed for Big Blue Nation, no matter where he goes, and 'Cats head coach John Calipari's heart will always bleed for Drake.


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