Did Floyd Mayweather Really Buy Designer Shoes for His Dog?

We wouldn't put it past him.

We’re always here for a Floyd Mayweather wealth flex. Whether he’s counting his millions out in the open or throwing down some serious cash on something outlandish, Mayweather is consistently keeping us entertained while reminding us that the sport of boxing has been very good to him. While on vacation in the Philippines, Floyd shared a video of himself on Instagram with his dog.

Don't worry about the actual dog. Just take a look at the supposed designer shoes that this lucky animal is slipping its paws into on the daily.  "See, I’ve got on Nikes — my dog’s got more expensive shoes than I’ve got," Mayweather said. "See my dog — them red bottoms. I got on some cheap ass Nikes." If Floyd's claim is true, then that means his dog has Christian Louboutin shoes, which have to be worth more than the Nikes on his feet. 

There's no word on whether Mayweather's dog is really rocking some Louboutins, but if there was ever someone who could score an exclusive pair with cost not being an option, it would be the boxer who has never let a high price tag stand in his way. 

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