Conor McGregor Rips Nate Diaz Throughout UFC 196 Press Conference

As always, McGregor came to talk trash.

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A little more than 24 hours after Rafael dos Anjos was forced to withdraw from UFC 196 with a broken foot, Conor McGregor found his replacement: Nate Diaz. Typically, McGregor weighs in at 145 pounds, but for this next fight against Diaz, he will move up to a 170-pound welterweight contest.  

On Wednesday, the UFC held a news conference for McGregor vs. Diaz in the UFC gym in Torrance, Calif. and as expected, The Notorious was delivering one verbal jab after another in Nate's direction, as well as dos Anjos, Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo.

Here are some of his best quotes throughout the press conference: 

  • “How’s it feel to be a millionaire? It feels good, right? It feels good? You’re a millionaire for one night only.”
  • "I like Nick's little bro. How can you not like him? He's like a little cholo gangster from the hood but at the same time he coaches kids jiu-jitsu on a Sunday morning and goes on bike rides with the elderly. He makes gun signs with the right hand and animal balloons with the left hand. You're a credit to your community."
  • “The only weight I give a fuck about is the weight of my checks, and my checks are always super heavyweight, so I don’t give a fuck.”
  • "Most people when they get that red panty night on me they ring home to their wife 'baby we did it!'. Nate rings Nick [Diaz] 'baby we did it!' I'm happy to give Nate the paycheck."
  • “I don’t get out of shape. He gets out of shape. His fight against dos Anjos, he was the skinniest fat guy I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  • "“dos Anjos has a bruise on his foot. Did you see it? It’s a bruise. Ice. Ibuprofen. If I jumped under an X-ray, the doctor would slap me, and say ‘What are you doing, kid? Get out of here. Stop this.’" 
  • “There were many people who pretend like they wanted to fight until the fight actually presented itself. Frankie never showed up. And then when he was given a phone call and a date, he hasn’t been seen or heard since. Apparently Jose was in camp preparing in case dos Anjos pulls out. Then all of a sudden dos Anjos pulls out with his bruised foot, and then Jose is not fit so…”
  • "End of the first, I feel he will be put away. I respect Nate. Don't get me wrong. I do respect Nate. There's a lot of pussies in this game, and he is not one of them. Don't get me wrong, there's a respect there between us, but it's business in there and business is business. He will be KO'd inside the first round."

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