Conor McGregor Rips Crowd During 2016 World MMA Awards Acceptance Speech: "I Need to Feed All You Bums"

The Notorious also thanked himself.

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Even when Conor McGregor isn't in the actual building, he still manages to create waves. On Friday, McGregor was named Fighter of the Year at the 2016 World MMA Awards, but since he couldn't make it because he's currently training for his upcoming fight against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196, The Notorious recorded his acceptance speech. 

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Here's a transcript of his speech, courtesy of MMA Fighting

"There's another man that must be slain, another champion that must be dethroned. There's more numbers that need to be broken. I need to feed all you bums, so I've got to keep working, because you bums don't work. You got the heavyweight champion, who's a pu--y, pulling out with a sore toe. How is the heavyweight champion going to pull out with a sore toe? What kind of champion is that? The game is on its knees, so I apologize I can't be there at the awards, but I am out here putting it in, working, putting in the true work, the work it takes to keep every one of you fed. So thank you, and thank me."

We know you have questions, so let's attack this thing with some bullet points. 

  • Yes, McGregor was talking about the MMA fighters in attendance when he said, "I need to feed you bums." 
  • Yes, someone did awkwardly clap after he said, "You bums don't work." 
  • The heavyweight champion he's talking about is Fabricio Werdum, who pulled out of his upcoming fight because of a "cracked" toe and a strained back, not a sore toe. 
  • And yes, he thanked himself at the end. 

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