Clippers Players Have Sent a Message by Turning Their Warmups Inside Out

In response to Donald Sterling's remarks, Clippers players have left their warmups inside out and placed their shirts in a pile at center court.

In their first game since the Donald Sterling incident, the Los Angeles Clippers players have responded by taking off their shooting shirts prior to Game 4 and leaving them at center court. 

The Clippers took off their shooting shirts and dumped them at center court.

Then, the Clippers proceeded to go through warmups with their shirts inside out. 

The Clippers have turned their shirts inside out and are warming up in generic red shirts.

The players are also sporting black armbands and wristbands. 

All Clippers players are wearing black wrist/arm bands:

According to some reports, the players considered wearing their jerseys inside out but have refrained from doing so. Maybe it has some to do with the fact that the unis have "Los Angeles" emblazoned on the chest rather than "Clippers." However...

Clippers players strongly considered making a statement today but will likely do something to be determined in LA for Game 5, source said.

So, stay tuned. 

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[via @ArashMarkazi]

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