Chinese Basketball Team Caught in Middle of Shootout Shortly After Arriving in Rio

On Wednesday, the Chinese basketball team was reportedly caught in the middle of a shootout shortly after arriving in Rio.

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Without a doubt, the Chinese athletes have had the worst start to this year's Olympics, and it has nothing to do with their performance in any of the competitions. Earlier this week, hurdler Shi Dongpeng was robbed prior to checking into his hotel after getting vomited on by a guy pretending to be drunk. And on Wednesday, their basketball team was caught in the middle of a shootout shortly after arriving in Rio.  

As a group of basketball players, coaches, and journalists were being taken from the Tom Jobin International Airport to the Olympic Village on the bus, four armed individuals reportedly started opening fire on police officers, according to the Daily Mail. The gunfire—which took place between two highways, the Red Line and the Yellow Line—caused street vendors and pedestrians to duck for cover, and some people on the bus were able to take photos and shared them on social media. 

There were no arrests made or injuries sustained from the gunfight. 

The Red Line will serve as the only available road for athletes to commute from the Olympic Village to Olympic Park. Prior to the start of the Games, reports started to surface of a number of issues affecting the country, including a "jump in homicides and assaults in recent months."

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