Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor Comment on 'Coward' Brandon Marshall: 'You Ain't Make Me'

Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor launched 'The Pivot' podcast with Ryan Clark in Jan. 2022 after departing 'I Am Athlete.'

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The Pivot co-hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder addressed some comments made by their former I Am Athlete colleague Brandon Marshall on the latest episode of their podcast.

While Clark chose to refer to Marshall as "the other guy," Taylor not only made it clear who he was talking about, but also suggested, at the 4-minute mark in the above video, the former NFL wide receiver "might be the biggest coward on the planet."

"A lot of people would agree that he's embarrassing himself," Taylor said. A lot of lying, a lot of manipulative movements, pretty much how he was with everyone he's encountered." The Pro Bowl running back brought up how everyone who has been a part of I Am Athlete has left, saying, "If you stood for anything, if your integrity was high, then people would still rock with you, but nobody's there right now."

Taylor concluded by staring directly into the camera with a message for Marshall. "I think what you need to do, boss, is handle your business... stop fucking around," he said.

When it was Crowder's turn, he got directly to the point. "That's the thing I can't stand," he said at the 5:40 mark. "How you make me when I made your podcast, or our podcast, supposedly, but it wasn't really ours, as we found out. Then go to another one, create another thing that blows up bigger than that even was. That's the thing that got hot about me. Bitch you ain't make me."

Clark mentioned Marshall has "said a lot of things that aren't true about me, I just don't really care."


Brandon Marshall appeared on Funky Friday with Cam Newton where he delivered his side of the story about what occurred prior to their split.

Marshall claims he currently stands "in the red" at $12 million after never taking money from I Am Athlete. "Everybody else have ate well of this platform," he said. Marshall alleges he was paying Crowder, Taylor and Reggie Wayne during their time on the podcast.

Marshall alleges at the 1:19:30 mark in the video below that Taylor was seeking 25 percent of I Am Athlete as the platform's valuation started to rise. Taylor allegedly told the former NFL wide receiver that he would contribute financially but never saw a dime after a year.

Taylor denied Marshall's claim, saying he asked for paperwork for a year and never received anything.

Marshall rejects Newton's suggestion that Crowder, Taylor, and Wayne deserve 25 percent of I Am Athlete because they helped elevate the platform to what it is today. Marshall alleges he had a conversation with Showtime about I Am Athlete and while the network was familiar with him from his time on Inside the NFL, they "don't believe in" Taylor, "don't know who" Crowder is and thought Wayne was "cool."

Marshall claims he passed on the opportunity because Showtime wanted to make changes to the quartet, which involved bringing in Reggie Bush.

Marshall alleges he sought a "fair deal" because the initial $25,000 investment for 25 percent of the platform had grown "100 times." The former NFL wide receiver said at the 1:31:30 mark that he doesn't have "anything good to say about Fred Taylor" and called Clark "a little corny but talented" before suggesting his remark should be cut.

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