Cam Newton Threatens to "Slap the S**t" Out of a Heckler Prior to Auburn/Alabama Game

Have we found Superman's kryptonite?

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Since making quick work of the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving DayCam Newton has seemingly been everywhere. Trading dabs with J.R. Smith when the Cleveland Cavaliers came into Charlotte to take on the Hornets? Of course! Dabbing while on stage at a Future concert? Yup

On Saturday, Newton stopped by his old collegiate stomping grounds of Auburn to cheer them on in their Iron Bowl showdown against the Alabama Crimson Tide. As he made his way through the crowd to Jordan-Hare Stadium, an Alabama fan can be overheard shouting "$180K," a reference to the accusation that Cam's father Cecil Newton solicited upwards of $180,000 to have his son play for Mississippi State's college football program. 

Clearly, the reference didn't go over Cam's head because within a matter of seconds, the Panthers star quarterback turned around and threatened to "slap the shit" out of the person who made the comment. 

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The rest of the NFL may have found Superman's kryptonite. Don't be surprised to hear opposing defenses dropping the "$180K" line on Cam throughout the course of a game now. Anything to get into Newton's head, especially considering the Panthers are 11-0 right now.

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